Apparently, I can’t quit a Tumblr account without one last gifset.

So Long and Thanks for All the GIFs


Tumblr. I never really did get the hang of you.

I started you with the best of intentions. Back when I working on my book, you were all part of my “Grand Social Media Strategy”: a giant, sinuous web connecting my Tumblr with my Twitter and Blogger and Flickr and a bunch of other words ending in “r” and probably missing a vowel.

No, I wasn’t procrastinating, I was “building a platform”! Why, just think of the Google search results for my name! Agents and publishers will come a running, I can feel it!

Cut to 4 years later.

My blog pretty much stopped when I finished the first draft of my book.

My Flickr has turned into a feed of Instagram pictures.

And Tumblr has just become a nagging reminder that I’m not doing anything worthwhile on Tumblr.

My Twitter account is the only thing from that time that I’ve managed to keep updated (and, hell, I still haven’t figured out a way to get anyone to pay any attention to it) so, if you’re one of the very rare people who actually followed me on here and you want to know how I’m doing, go there. (And, for the love of god, star a couple’a tweets, would ya? I’m getting lonely.)

Oh, and I finally got a hold of the domain so there’s that too if you occasionally want to check in to see if I ended up doing anything with my life.

I don’t know, I may take a cue from others: start a secret Tumblr account from scratch so I’ll have a safe place to talk about personal stuff; all the stuff I don’t want my parents or former classmates or exes or exes-to-be to read. A site that won’t pop up in the search results of a potential employer if I ever decide to try for a real job.

A place to vent. A place to find my voice. A place to be myself.

Or not. Whatever.

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll revive this god-awful monstrosity but don’t hold your breath. Take care.

Mr. Natural

  • All-natural baking soda toothpaste.
  • Crystal (fragrance & paraben free!) deodorant.
  • 100% pure coconut oil for my hair and skin.
  • Aloe, mint & green tea hypo-allergenic moisturizing shave cream.
And all that shit goes right out the window for its wholly unnatural counterparts the minute I have a date.


So much to do today! Groceries, go to the mall, gotta buy a dress shirt, get my car washed, deposit that cash…

* the sound of both my roommates leaving the apartment before 10am and leaving the place alone to me for the first time in weeks *

OR I could just stay in bed to nap and masturbate for the rest of the afternoon…

A (now-defunct) bloggidy-blog.